Feb 13

It was not the outcome we wanted however it was a great game. We are getting lots of texts and tweets from US that the second goal should not have counted that the whistle blew b 4 puck crossed line, and that Canada was not called for too many women on the ice a couple times but that is the way it was called so we move forward .
The girls were in good spirits after the game . Said they came out a little on their heels but will be fine and are moving forward . I don’t know time of the game on the 17th yet but will let u know after tomorrow’s games . We took second in pool so will have a bye first round and go right into the semis. If u noticed that Anne was not on the ice a good portion of the third she was cut by a skate about 2 min into the third . Needed to go back in locker room and get 8 stitches on her left wrist area. She returned with about. 5 min left and shot that nice blast from the blue line to close the gap to. 3-2. She is just fine!!
Tomorrow will be a “chill ” day for us . Suppose to be bout 65 degrees so parents are going to gather on the top deck of ship and have a media day…. sharing photos with each other and getting everyone ‘s photos onto our computers.
The sunsets here are gorgeous .

And if anyone knows what kind if Russian fashion statement this is let me know !! We saw this on the train on the way back from the game! Grocery bags and cardboard bottoms secured with a rubber band!! What the heck !! And her child carrying the mom’s at least 4 ” high heels!!! Goofiest thing I’ve seen in a long time but we sure laughed all the way home!


Thanks again for your continued support! Pool play completed now onto semis!!! Go USA !!


16 thoughts on “Feb 13

  1. I’m guessing blisters on her feet??! I WAS wondering why Anne wasn’t out there, but was hoping it wasn’t because of injury. Could have been worse, I guess. Keep us posted as to what time the next game is at–is it against Finland again? Go Anne & USA!

  2. Definitely were some bad calls and missed calls in that game! Thought Anne scored the first goal? Was I wrong? She sure had a great game! Lot of close ups of her on the TV so fun to watch!

  3. I also thought Anne scored the first goal and I think that is what they said at the time. It was a hard fought game but I think they missed Anne in the third period. The commentators circled the 6 Canada players in red couple times but it wasn’t called. They also said the goal shouldn’t have counted. It was fun to watch. I hope Anne won’t be too sore. I am glad she has a couple days to heal.
    Keep the updates coming and have fun.

  4. .” Needed to go back in locker room and get 8 stitches on her left wrist area. She returned with about. 5 min left and shot that nice blast from the blue line to close the gap to. 3-2. She is just fine!!” That is one tough kid. My niece Amber recently described Anne’s grandma Rosie as “hard core”. I’m thinking some of that rubbed off on Anne.

    1. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day with the symbolic heart, let us never forget how fragile the heart is and that at times it can be easily hurt, broken, and damaged, but, at the same time it is what keeps us alive and it is so STRONG. Our most heartfelt prayers for each of these young ladies and their families, who have displayed such STRONG, hearts in the games they have played and their display of passion / love for the game!!! You are all such an inspiration for all the world to see, we thank-you !!!! Blessings to each of you. We LOVE you all. Teresa Miller

  5. Just watching the game again being replayed on tv. So fun to watch and see Anne score!!! Looking forward to the next game. That is quite the fashion statement!

  6. Thanks for all these posts! It helps me to answer questions from the Sisters here at St. Ben’s Monastery. Everyone is cheering and praying for Anne and USA Team with me. I wore the Hockey t-shirt the day you were traveling to Sochi, Jim and Deb. It certainly got everyone’s attention. I am eager to find out when the next game is and against whom! That is the question of the evening!

  7. Anne sure had a good game! She sure is one tough cookie! Regarding the fashion statement–when I was in grade school, the nuns would make us wear plastic bread bags over our shoes if we didn’t wear winter boots to school. Almost as nice as the grocery bags!

  8. We got to turn the game on at school and watch on the Smart Boards. The kids were cheering USA and were so proud…when they would see Anne’s jersey they would yell, “There’s Anne!” She played an awesome game. So sorry to hear she got hurt and hope it heals quickly. What a great experience for all of us!

  9. Great game today! Too bad Anne was injured. Kathy, Kim, and Sue made Times article when people watched the game at CHS. Keep the notes coming. Love them! Jules

  10. Anne was definitely missed in the 3rd period. Deb you know how little I know about hockey but I told Dean the rest of the team did not seem as aggressive when she is off the ice, that she really picks up the rest of her teammates. Several times announcer commented on too many ladies on the ice and they even circled them in red and yes the whistle blew before the puck crossed the line. Can’t believe even on the replay it was obvious and the announcers said initially said Anne scored the 1st goal. Proud of Anne and the rest of our ladies.

  11. Russian fashion indeed. Assia wears paper bags on her feet whenever she’s seen with me, no wait a minute she puts a bag over her head. Saaaayyyy….
    Great game Anne, 1 goal, 1 assist and 8 stitches. What a trooper!

  12. Wow what an experience you all are having. Having so much fun watching the games on TV or Live stream via computer. Anne is playing so well, as is the rest of the team GO USA. Glad she was not seriously injured. Thanks for sharing this journey with all of us.

    1. Loving the energy of Team USA! Having a blast watching this team make history!
      Thanks for filling in the blank spaces with all the great updates and details.
      Go USA!

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