Had an awesome Valentine’s Day! Was able to see Anne for about 20 min after practice!20140215-101756.jpg
We walked to town yesterday as it reached 70 degrees!☀️ talked with the locals ….. So fun! They love to practice their English with us. A Russian mother and her daughter with 2 friends stopped to chat with us. The 3 children, just learning English would look at us and giggle everytime we spoke! As we left them the one little girl named Sophia would continually repeat “good-bye” over and over. It was one of the few English words she knew! We took a pic with them!
One of the goalie moms and I ran across a fish spa and yup we did it! I was freaking out but thought why not? I’ll never do this again! It feels like a massage, that is AFTER you get use to fish eating the dead skin off your feet! Gross when you think of it but have to say my feet felt great after.. I know… You’re thinking whatever!!!20140215-103333.jpg
We also came across this local with the little monkey and parrot so took a pic 20140215-103443.jpg
Went to the p&g house and saw this show in the Olympic park. The video did not upload so here is a pic

Adam flies in later today to catch the medal rounds!! Can’t wait to see him
Anne sent an e mail last night so that is below

Anne sent email last night so here is her update!!! Love to all reading this.
Keep the comments coming! It keeps us going together on this journey.

Been a little while! We’ve been busy with games here. Obviously not the finish we had hoped for with Canada obviously but the best thing is that we didn’t play our best so the best is yet to come for us in these next 2 games. Also, some may have noticed I was gone almost all of the 3rd period in that game then returned with about 5minutes remaining – I was in our locker room getting stitched up by our doc! (picture below.. don’t look if that stuff makes you white in the face ha) I took a skate to the wrist during a scrum in front of the net, I’m totally fine tho! It’s healing fast and I skated today so it won’t keep me out by any means!

Got to see our families!! FINALLY! It was definitely a refresher. My friend Alethea Lamberson was able to make the trip through her work with Athletes in Action so got to see her also! She’s been hanging with my family from time to time too which is fun and makes it to all of our games as a super super fan. Adam wasn’t there Wednesday night after the game with us but will be getting in Saturday night to Sochi. I know he is excited and I am too! 🙂 (picture of us 4 at the USA P&G house below)

My whole family is here – YES, even you Grandma Rosie & Grandma Kay! – you two look fabulous standing next to me in front of the Olympic rings! (see picture below) On a serious note, it is like you all are here. I appreciate you all checking in with me and sending me love from afar 🙂 Love you!

ps. Not to rub it in but it was 66 degrees today 😉 Sure made me a happy camper!






18 thoughts on “Feb.15

  1. It has been so much fun watching the games. Glad Anne’s wrist is doing better. We know someone who wishes he was there with his camera! Such a great experience for all of you. Go Anne and Team USA!!

  2. We are having a great time following you and the team. Thanks for keeping this up. It’s the first thing we check in the morning. I think I figured out the feet footcover shopping bags thing. Those ladies must have had the fish pedicure! Good for you. I didn’t have the nerve to have one when given the chance. Was curious though! Hug Adam from us too.

  3. These blogs are SO interesting and fun to read! I love reading about all the locals and your interaction with them, as well as the emails from Anne! Glad to hear Adam will be there soon, too – so the whole family can be together! Keep the blogs coming, and GOOD LUCK ANNE!
    P.S. – Abby did a biography about Anne for school this past week! She has been “Googling” Anne on the Internet for all of her information and came across a youtube interview video of Anne talking about how she plays to an “Audience of One”. Abby has watched that video about a thousand times, and woke up this morning and recited the entire interview word-for-word! Tell me Anne isn’t a GREAT influence on young kids like our Abby! 🙂

  4. Gotta just LOVE technology when it’s being used this way! This blog just rocks – Deb, your pictures and words make us feel we’re there, too…and including Anne’s notes when you can is really the icing on the cake. Beautiful family!

    Did the picture of Jim getting his feet nibbled on by the fish not turn out???? 🙂

  5. Love the picture of Anne and the one of your “pedicure”!!
    Just heard about the Finland upset!!
    Happy Adam is there!
    Excited for Monday and Wednesday!!!
    Go USA!!!

  6. Hello, Schlepers. I was at the commons at CHS for breakfast and the viewing of the game against Canada. There was a big roar when Anne “scored” the first goal of the game. Another big roar when there was a close-up of Anne and a teammate on the bench. I guess you’re pretty special when you’re doing nothing and people cheer.

  7. I too love your blog and Anne’s emails. It make me feel like we are right there too, really wish we were. Glad Anne’s slice is doing well. Continue to create life time memories and glad Adam will be there with you all together. Great family moment. Love you guys.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. We loved watching you score that goal during 1st period Health 9 class Anne! Way to go. And you know I love pictures like the one of your wrist. Get them in the medal round.

    Hello to Adam, Jim, and Ms. Schlepa. Anne has the same last name right? haha.

    Bob and Deb Bjornstad

  9. Thank you for taking us with you on this wonderful journey. The blog is awesome. Good luck Anne on your next game and go USA.

  10. Schlep…SO FUN (maybe not the flesh eating fish)…but everything else. I pause at work sometimes and think “I wonder what fun Deb is having right now ?”
    We are all so looking forward to the next games…Kick some butt USA ! So, proud of you Anne !!!!!!

  11. Sweet photo of Anne’s stitches! We heard that the Finns were upset by the Swedes, so you get a new team to play. Don’t underestimate those Swedes – they can be very crafty (Don is part Swede, but don’t worry – he will put his heritage aside & cheer for the team with a Schleper). I’m glad you walked into town to experience some Sochi culture, but I have to say that you looked way too overdressed for a 70 degree day! We will wear less than that if it hits the 40 degree mark as predicted next week…Tribune says that the next game is Monday morning, starting at 6:30 CST. Good luck to Anne & the USA squad!

  12. Cannot believe you let fish nibble your feet! Love hearing about your experiences and seeing the pictures. Glad Anne’s injury is healing:) Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. Love experiencing this with you and Anne through this blog and Anne’s e-mails!!! Very brave of you to let those fish nibble…. Makes a shiver go down my spine just looking at the picture!! Way to embrace the culture!!! So happy Adam made it safely! I know you will enjoy everything a little bit more now that he is by your side!!! What an amazing family memory you are creating!!! Especially love the photo with Anne and the grandmas:) Good luck USA!!!!

  14. We are in prayer that the hand is healed up and better than ever. So happy to hear that Adam is there and will be able to enjoy this wonderful experience with you and the family. Good luck to you and the entire team , you are such an inspiration for all. We send our love !! Teresa Miller Deb, I love the fish spa.

  15. We love reading your emails…they make us feel like we are there. Deb, I can’t believe you had fish nibbling on your feet….I don’t think I could have. Hope Anne’s wrist is feeling good to go! Thanks for keeping us updated….Good luck Anne and GO USA!!!

  16. Hi Anne and all of you on team USA,
    We are so very proud of all of you. So far, I have not seen any of your gamesga
    Games,but starting tomorrow,I won’t miss any,because now I can find
    them. May God bless all of you and your families. I really love following
    Your story. Thanks!
    Ralph Torborg (cousin of Grandma Rosie)

  17. So fun to be on this journey with you guys thru this blog and pics! Absolutely love watching the games! Dan and I are taking Thursday off to go to bar with biggest TV screen to watch Anne get the Gold!

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