Well, it’s been a couple days of downtime, while we wait for the big game tomorrow.
We went to the mtn cluster yesterday and saw the women’s alpine skiing finals. It rained all day and it was a struggle for the athletes. It was raining on the bottom half of the course and snowing at the starting gate with fog that would come in over the mountain from time to time. Not a great picture day but here are a couple I took with my phone,



We left our rental wifi unit on the train coming back from the mtn cluster!! Ugh, not going to go into it but let’s just say it was a long day trying to retrieve it with not knowing how many trains go to and from the mtn as well as a language barrier! But after lots of translating and many hours, we retrieved it at the train station police dept. !! Funny that the documentation once they gave it back was Jim writing on a piece of notebook paper that he took the item from them and signed his name..That’s it!! I just kept thinking back home this would lots and lots of paperwork!!
Today we went to the Olympic park and hung out. We got tickets to the today show and that was a blast!!



We went to the P&G house where Charlie white and Meryl Davis stopped with their medals, all medal athletes stop at the P&G house for a celebration. Very fun!
We stayed and watched the USA men on the big screen tonight

And took hockey pics of the women’s hockey families:


Tomorrow is the day these athletes have trained and sacrificed much to get to where they are today in the gold medal game! None of them would be here without all of you believing in them, encouraging them, praying for them, and loving them. We thank you all and hope that the medal in less than 24 hours is gold! Girls are focused and ready for the challenge.
Go team USA!!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘πŸ†


8 thoughts on “Feb19

  1. Thanks for doing the blog Deb – what a great way to be following your “Great Adventure”. There is going to be quite a gathering @ the Blue Line tomorrow watching & cheering the USA Women capture GOLD! The “Olympic Tweet of the Day” in the Tribune Sports Section today was a tweet from Anne about the American Skating Couple Gold Medal winners. Pretty neat!

  2. I spotted Adam right away on the Today Show this morning. I wasn’t even thinking about the fact that maybe some of you were in the crowd. I watch the show every but right there was Adam, so awesome. I will be joining the group at the Blue Line can’t wait to see Anne and the rest of the USA Ladies play for the Gold “necklace”. GO USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  3. Hey Jim & Deb & Adam! Give Anne a hug for us after the game for the gold tomorrow (or I guess that game is today for you!) Enjoy it all, and we will enjoy it from here, as we will be cheering her on with you. Gary, Anna and I just got home from Florida, and we watched what we could while we were there, and we even saw an interview with just Anne, on either ESPN or NBC Sports Network. It was really cool to catch that. Go USA!

  4. Jim, Deb & Adam,
    Enjoy being together as a family, enjoy the game!!! We are so excited to watch it today!!! Jim and Deb, we commend you as parents. To watch Anne play with such great sportsmanship and sheer determination is so wonderful. Anne and the entire team are such great role models for our young/old.. GO USA!!! Our prayers are with you all. Love ya much. Teresa/family

  5. Game starts in ten minutes. Feeling a bit nervous. I can’t imagine how this must be for you. Wish I were there to watch Deb. Good luck!!!!

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