Feb. 12

Hi family and friends!
Another great day in Sochi!
We used our one day pass to the USA house. Free food and drinks all day and good talks with other athlete parents.
Went to the USA store and bought a few things. Always fun!
We went to the women’s 500 m speed skating event tonight! Wow!! The strength in legs!! Learned a lot about the sport as we watched. Sat next to a dad of one of the men’s speed skaters. He helped us to understand the event.
So fun to talk to other athlete’s parents- the sacrifices of the families and the athlete’s blows us away. Seems weird that even though we’ve been on the same journey as these other families We’ve never really thought of it as a sacrifice, It was just something we did with our kids because they were interested in it .
Big game with Canada tomorrow ! Hoping for a win so we can avoid goaltender Nora and the fins going into the medal round. Anne was the. # 3 star in game yesterday, was in the top 4 for ice time and was a +4!!
Thanks for all the thoughts and prays for us and the team! Please keep them coming as we need to hear from home .
Go USA !!
Ps did not hear from Anne today. Dinner with team after game tomorrow! Can’t wait to hug her! First time we’ll see here since we arrived!

The oval 500m speed skating

The flame that traveled to Sochi for the games !


27 thoughts on “Feb. 12

    1. I am so excited for you Anne! I cried and yelled at Sabina that you scored!!! She was aspleep because they got back from Roseau with a loss in over time. 😦 And really team USA should have been in over time. That whistle blew. Love you!

  1. Breakfast at CHS Wednesday morning at 6:30 (pancakes & sausage) to watch the game. What a great experience for students/family/friends to share in the excitement and to cheer on Anne and the rest of the team. Can’t wait.πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  2. Love hearing from you and the team and Anne have been amazing. Great idea for the breakfast tomorrow . Feel the love coming from Minnesota Especially Farming!

  3. Am really enjoying your blog and pictures. Can’t wait for USA-Canada game tomorrow! Anne is playing so well. US really looks fast and strong. Go USA!

  4. Hug Anne for us too! Everywhere I go, I wear the scarf Tina knitted and hear all kinds of fun comments. Turns out most people KNOW about this women’s team. Lin and Dick are coming over tomorrow morning to watch with us again. It’s fun from here too but love that you are there and having this incredible experience. Just heard they are forecasting 60 degrees there tomorrow. We might hit 30 and are thrilled about that! Go USA Women!

  5. I enjoy reading your messages each time they are sent. It is so nice of you to keep us MN fans updated. I met your family at the Farming Baseball Park when Eddie was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Anne had shared with us that her dream/goal was to make the USA Olympic team. Good for her, she has made us all so proud! I had my 2yr old grandson with me yesterday and we watched the game and he even cheered for Anne. He would repeat over and over “go Annie or go Annie Hockey”. My 12 yr old granddaughter is also a big fan and Lynn Mergen was able to purchase one of the Schleper Tshirts for her. She will be so surprised as it is going to be her Valentine present this year. Wishing Anne and the entire USA Hockey team all the best! Hopefully Anne will be able to bring an Olympic medal to Farming to share with all of us just like she shared the hockey trophy with us at the ballpark! Have fun in Sochi and keep the posts coming!!!

    1. Mary- thank you for your kind words! We are feeling the love from farming!! Go USA!!! Take a pic of your granddaughter with the t shirt and send to me or give to Lynn!! Would love to see it!!!

  6. Having so much fun cheering for the gals of hockey, I wore my Schleper shirt to school today, when I went down the 2nd grade hall I had a lot of fans. My friend Rece was wondering if he could get Anne’s autograph. I had to laugh Olympic fever for you all at Westwood.

  7. Deb and Jim,
    So glad things are going well there. We watched the first two games in replay but will be watching the Canada game live. Thank you for your updates. Anne looks great!

  8. So fun to hear what you have been up to!! We are going to watch as much of the game as we can in class tomorrow. The kiddos are really excited! They’ve been talking about Anne and the team a lot! Anne played a great game yesterday!! So excited to watch tomorrow! Go USA!!!!

  9. Hi Jim & Deb! Your blog is great, and it is so good to hear what a wonderful time you are having. Please give Anne a hug for us too, and wish her the best through the rest of this experience. Go USA – keep winning!

  10. We just love to read your updates! It is truly an experience of a lifetime for you all, I think a lot of us are living vicariously through your posts ;). Glad to hear things are going great!
    Parker is wearing his Schleper shirt every time when we watch the games – you can image his excitement when he sees Anne. “Hey Mom I know her” & “she rocks” is said many times throughout each game. It just amazes us to watch those ladies play together…how incredible!
    We are counting down till the Canada game – have an amazing time & GO ANNE & TEAM USA!!

  11. Bring on the Canadians!!! It’s been so fun to watch Anne and the team – they’re looking strong. We’re hosting the Metro area hockey viewing breakfast tomorrow morning – can’t wait. Be sure to give Anne our best when you see her. Love to see the pictures.

  12. Great stuff Deb. I’ve shared your blog with several friends. Possible upside of beating the Canucks is that Nora and the Fins could then beat them also. I was thinking these preliminaries were not so important but the seeding is actually quite crucial I imagine.

  13. Anne & the team played great vs. the Swiss. I couldn’t believe how quickly she caught up with a Swiss on a breakaway & prevented her from taking a shot. The announcers said some really nice things about Anne, but I was tired & I’m old, so I couldn’t repeat any of it back to you – but trust me, it was very complimentary! We’re hoping to tune in to the game on our phone while we’re driving to St. Paul on Wednesday for “OPS”, which is what Don terms the state employees’ retirement information class (Old Peoples’ School). Love reading about your experience in Sochi! ~ Jan

  14. So excited for you. I’am sure you can’t wait to see her. Our daughter haley(13) has been getting up to watch the games. I figure why not, let’s all cheer her and the team on:). Good luck! Go USA!!!

  15. So fun to hear what you have been up to!! Can’t wait to watch tomorrow. I’m going to put it on in class, the kiddos are excited to hopefully see some of the game. They’ve been talking about Anne & the team all week! The team is looking great; Anne is doing an awesome job!! Go USA!!!

  16. Glad to hear you are enjoying your time. Been praying for safety for all of you. Anne is doing amazing! As you know, of course. Cherish every single minute of all of this. What memories you will have.

  17. Thanks for sharing this experience with all of us!!! Unlike others I wish the canada game was in the middle of the night like the other two…. I will only be able to catch a short portion at the beginning and then head to school 😦 but I will still be cheering in my mind throughout game time πŸ™‚ so excited for all of you to be able to get that first “Sochi” hug from Anne!!!! Go USA!!!!!!

  18. Thx for the updates from Sochi. Wore my Schleper shirt to body pump Monday and someone said “you are wearing the most popular shirt in St. Cloud”! Team USA looks good. Anne is doing so well. Looking forward to seeing as much of the game as I prepare for teaching those kiddos. Take it all in and enjoy.

  19. Exciting game today!! Was the first time I was able to watch the girls Hockey and WOW was it intense I was shaking the entire game and almost to tears watching Anne and I don’t even know her lol. What a great player and team she is on she had an amazing game I am sure you are beyond proud. I have to say I have never been into hockey but can’t wait until the next game GO USA!! Thanks for the updates so exiting to read about this journey.

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