Feb.7, 2014

No game today so the crew headed into town for a bit of sightseeing and shopping.
The town of Adler is a quaint little town. Lots of little shops to looks through.
I picked up the mascots of the Olympic Games and a Russian doll set. Will go back on another day off.
On our walk we came upon a music/ art school, guessing grades 4-6. The students were giving a concert outside and their art was displayed. Very very talented young people! See pics below.
It has been fun communicating with the Russian community. We have an app on our phone that we talk into and it translates to Russian and then the person can hear the correct pronunciation of the phrase being said. It’s been a blast communicating like that and the Russians love it. We find them to be very friendly people. When the translation comes through and they understand the look on their face is so darn cute! We all end up laughing. They are doing their best to learn English and love to learn from us. They always thank us for helping them learn English.
We “chilled” at the ship tonight with our USA parents…..awesome awesome group of people. It is not about “my daughter” it’s about team. They always speak of team…team first and love every women on this team as their own. Incredible.
Anne e mailed tonight and that follows. Have a great day back in Minne!! It’s 2:00 am here and going to go to bed …big game tomorrow. Thank you in advance if you get up to watch it live!!!!



Grass in Sochi…it’s beautiful


USA parents…. Great great people!!! Team first!!! We are with the Olympic mascots!



School of the arts




#22 defense kacey Bellamy’s dad …. This is just one of the things USA parents do late at night after a few cocktails!!! Reading glasses…..think I’ll look for a pair.


Anne's e mail:
Hello Hello!

Was just thinking today how fast the days here have gone! Already gearing up for our second game.. so crazy! I know most of you got yourself up at the painful hour of 2/3am (or maybe just stayed up?!) to watch our first game vs Finland – yall are the best!! Great game for us too – I think the first one is always the hardest. The team feels very settled in now as we were able to shake off some cobbwebs with that game. Now just preparing for a restful nights sleep tonight before tomorrow's matchup vs. Switzerland!

That preparation for tomorrow's game did however involve our entire floor cheering for our US Figure Skating Team pair Charlie White and Meryl Davis as they competed tonight – they killed it! We kept joking with Charlie yesterday because he ate his 'pre game meal' with us hockey girls and had yet another stellar performance so it looks like he'll need to keep up that habit 🙂 Can't explain how awesome it is to have all the other US athletes cheering for you too. The entire bobsledding team, both men's and women's, came to our Finland game – and the pictures below is from a lunch some of us had with women of short-track speed skating. Love meeting new people.

As you know we didn't walk in opening ceremonies but we did still dress up and have a little fun with the rings right outside our housing in the village. (check out picture below) And now the torch is officially lit!! It really adds to the Olympic Park… and to beautiful sunsets too 🙂

Off to bed! Don't forget to set your alarm clocks for tomorrow's game!





2 thoughts on “Feb.7, 2014

  1. Thanks Deb and Anne. We are trying our hardest to find out when the Feb. 17 semifinals are for USA. Get conflicting answers online. If there is any chance you know already, post it for Uncle Jeff, who’s taking off for every game but scrambling to figure out when USA would play. So happy you are having fun! We are too. Did find out when you start drinking coffee at 2 a.m. you pretty much are buzzed all day! LOL (which also stands for lots of love!)

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