Woohoo win #1

How would I describe the last 24 hours?
Difficult to put into words:
From the amazing opening ceremonies to USA’s first win this afternoon vs Finland, and to the support back home, our family is truly blessed!!!
Anne got her first Olympic point in today’s game!!! Yup, mama cried!!!
We will not be able to see Anne until after the third game, can’t wait to see her but the team remains focused and it is best for them not to be distracted by family.
Anne e mailed us this morning.
Hello! ..or as we say here Privet (Pre-vee-yet)!

Sochi welcomed my parents today! A couple days ago I caught one of their crew ships heading to the dock to gear up for their stay (pic below). From the end of our dorm building you can see these ships where they are staying! So they aren’t terribly far from the Olympic Park – in fact in that picture you can see a road/walking path next to the sea that they’ll be walking on to get to all the events – I’ll probably try to time some of their walks so I can throw a shout and give a wave! Team policy we won’t get to see them until after our 3rd game so we can stay as focused as possible on the task at hand! To most that seems odd but a lot of this has been a sacrifice to even get to this point so another one is nothing to us. There will be PLENTY of time at the end to hangout and hopefully CELEBRATE something great!

Speaking of sacrifices. We will NOT be walking in the opening ceremonies tonight (so don’t play “Where’s Waldo” with me ha) But DO cheer loud for TEAMUSA as they enter. I’ve been able to meet several of them already and they are all amazing people and appreciate your support as a whole! Team decision not to walk since we play at noon the next day against a tough Finland team. Opening ceremonies of what you don’t see has us on our feet for hours at a time and as you can imagine is an extreme high to come down from in such a short amount of time – so for all these and some very very good advice from many veteran athletes have myself and my entire team confident that this is what’s best! By getting our proper rest and concentration for tomorrow we will be putting our team in the best position possible to succeed. I’d much rather enjoy closing ceremonies with some gold around my neck than regretting this decision! So enjoy from the tv screen as we will be doing here also!.. bombard my mother if you’re looking for some sweet photos from opening ceremonies as they will be attending tonight!!! (I’ll try to steal some from her and send them later on if I can)

Other than that, pretty normal days here as we are trying to keep them that way for a reason. Practice, meals, naps, and treatments are the norm! Shoutout to my athletic trainer and massage therapist as they keep us at tip top shape for our games – they are miracle workers I swear! (stole a photo from each today during treatment)

PS – Did I mention it’s GORGEOUS here?! Sunsets are the best, and my favorite for those that didn’t know. I literally just snapped this from by porch before I sent this email. Enjoy!

Bye! …or Bacha (Bah – kah)!





12 thoughts on “Woohoo win #1

  1. I am cheering for the US team and Anne here in Ohio. I set up my DVD to record the game so will watch it this morning. Congrats on the win!

  2. Hello Anne, Adam, Jim, and Adam-

    Love reading this blog. Woke up this morning to immediately find the score and not only a win but AN ASSIST ! This whole thing is so cool. Everyone is talking about the Olympics at school and when you play and then trying to figure out what time it is here. Anxiously waiting for the next game. GO U.S. A. !

    Bob and Deb Bjornstad

  3. Deb, Jim, Anne, so very proud for you! This is just awesome. I am glad to live vicariously thru you!! Haven’t seen the vodka shots but sure they’ll come. Love Anne’s perspective and notes. Keep it coming when you can.
    Congrats on first win! Go Team USA!!

  4. What a fun game to watch! I love getting all the insider information and photos. Make sure to give Anne a big hug from all of us when you do get to see her.

  5. I wanted to watch your first game live, so I set my alarm for 1:55am to cheer on team USA! Great game. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I still remember the day that you and Raissa took my little Emily to the baseball game when she was still in Jr. High. Hope for continued success for you and your teammates!

  6. Awesome start to the O-games! Deb this is such a GREAT idea to do this blogging! LOVE IT! Jaxon and I watched the Finland game this morning (recorded) before we head out to his hockey game here shortly. Every time the announcer said “Schleper” he was smiling. 🙂 Very solid game by Anne. On the ice for all 3 US goals, too! Keep it up Americans!

  7. Love hearing from you and the bonus message from our Olympian. You should have heard the cheering from our viewing room when we knew the assist was recognized as hers! We are so proud–of all of you. People have asked us what you do during your downtime. We assured them you likely don’t have any downtime. Have fun. Enjoy every second. Take lots of pictures. I want to see them all! Linda/Jeff

  8. Congratulations, Anne, on the win and the assist! It sounds like you are enjoying yourself. You have accomplished so much with your hard word and dedication. You truly are an inspiration! (It was a wonderful surprise to see you in the Globe Magazine, too!) Can’t wait to watch the Canada game! Best of luck!

    Brian and Barb Goad

  9. Love hearing from Anne…thanks for sharing! Loved watching game live this morning! Really felt like I was there with you!

  10. Great game again. For someone that doesn’t know a thing about hockey I can Always find #15. Keep it going. Love & hugs and enjoy the moment Anne.

  11. “Anne got her first Olympic point in today’s game!!! Yup, mama cried!!!” Well Deb, we knew you would cry. How about Jim?

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