It is 5:45 pm in Moscow! We are both great! Flights were non eventful. The people in Moscow were wonderful. They had their English students meet us at the airport to take us to our next checkpoint! They were wonderfully friendly. We wanted to tip ours but he said no thank you … Thank you for letting me practice my English. He was adorable.
We met a women and her sister from michigan on the plane who were going to visit a daughter in India who is working there with Target. They told us how terrible the credit card breach is as one corporate person took their life over the pressure of it and another is in the hospital after attempting. They were sooooo excited for us when we told them where we were headed! They planned on bringing their mother with but at the last minute she fell and broke her hip so was not able to make the trip. However they told her they would bring her along and take pics for her. I just had to laugh…. See pic below …. Reminded me of Flat Stanley!!
Were sitting at a little pub. Sweet girl with little English waiting on us and tells us “little English just point” Well by the end we said thank you in Russian and we were giggling and high fiving!! Language is universal!
So till later spa c ba ( how’d i do mike?) that is the phonic spelling of “thank you ” for letting us share our journey with you!
Have a plane to catch… Till later…

A shout out to Brace for his photo of Anne on the St. Cloud times !! Thanks Brace for your great work!

Anne at press conference …. Loving her RW&B nails!



9 thoughts on “Moscow

  1. Love reading these! Glad to hear the flight is going well. Can’t stop thinking of you. Watching a replay of the USA vs Canada (North Dakota game) as I write this. Go Schleper Family!!!!

  2. Will be checking in often! The kids are PUMPED to watch the Olympics this year and have been asking me “how many more days ’till the Olympics” almost DAILY! Good luck to you, Jim, Adam, and Anne! Don’t come home unless you have GOLD to share! 🙂

  3. This is a great way to find out how things are going! Have a great time…….enjoy, learn from the locals, and have fun!

  4. So glad to hear all went smoothly and that you are having a fun time. We are all wearing our Schleper T-shirts to school tomorrow and will be carrying a torch through the hallways to act out our own opening ceremony. Can’t wait to see Anne and the rest of the team in the real thing!

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