Our Sochi journey begins

Hello friends ! We have had quite an adventure thus far as we begin our journey to Sochi.
Our flight from Mpls to JFK was cancelled due to east coast snowstorm . We’ve been re routed to Detroit, Paris,Moscow, Sochi !! Will just come in 2 hours later to Sochi .
In the check in line we witnessed the attendant next to us climb down the luggage shoot to retrieve a bag with a dress on!!! She kept saying dont turn the machine on! There’s cameras down here and I’m wearing a dress!!! Hilarious! Everyone was laughing !! She was a good sport!!!
Having a great bloody before getting on our first legg to bringing gold home!
Thanks for all your support !!!
Bring on the world!!

Just got this from Anne:

Day off today! Not many of those but I think it was needed as everyone is finally starting to get used to the time change.

We had a team press conference this morning but then most of the day was ours after that! It was mostly a horizontal day for many of us until we figured today would be the best day to get familiar with the Olympic Park. Again, these venues are AMAZING, especially at night when the venues are lit up, everything is that much more worth “ooh-ahhing” about! Obviously stopped to take a couple pictures along the way for you. We got around via bikes that TeamUSA shipped in, courtesy of BMW sponsor. It was a very luxurious ride I must say. They build their bikes very similar to their cars 😉 lol (pictures below)
Will post when I can!





3 thoughts on “Our Sochi journey begins

  1. I think the next 2 weeks will be one adventure after another, after another…it seems appropriate that the first travel day brings some adventure! Looking forward to your updates. Love that you can forward information directly from the Olympian herself!

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